About Jared

The Pride of Prince Edward Island, Jared has been the Canadian sprinter who has caught the eyes of the country on many occasions. Jared is a World Championship 200m Semi-Finalist as well as a 200m Olympic Semi-Finalist. In 2010, Jared finished 4th at the Commonwealth Games and has a Silver Medal from the 2007 Pan-American Games where he ran the 3rd leg for Canada in the 4x100m. Jared, not only dangerous over 200m, he has also shown that he is a threat over the 100m as he has personal bests of 10.15 and 20.30 respectively. Read more…

Latest News

Jared Connaughton wins the 200m at the Tokyo Golden Grand Prix

200 Metres - Men   Wind: -0.3 m/s
1 Connaughton , Jared	CAN      20.70                   
2 Takahira , Shinji	JPN      20.84                   
3 Takase , Kei		JPN      20.87                   
3 Atkins , Derrick	BAH      20.87                   
5 Saito , Hitoshi	JPN      20.88                   
6 Mitchell , Manteo	USA      20.97                   
7 Harris , Tremaine	CAN      20.99  
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Olympic sprinters meet boy who gave them medal

Elijah Porter, the 10-year-old boy who gave up his Timbits soccer medal to Canada‚Äôs disqualified Olympic relay team, had a special surprise Tuesday. Two of the sprinters showed up at the boy's house in Paradise to thank him in person. NTV's Heather Gillis reports. Read more…