Train with Jared



Online Coach $250/month

Allow Jared to serve as your professional online coach, as he will design a specific, dynamic strength and speed program catered uniquely to your athletic needs.




Team Training: 

-Camp Option A:  $50/athlete or $1000/team

2 Day Speed and Fitness Camp.”

This camp offers an opportunity to participate in a high caliber, organized training regimen

Day 1: introduces proper warm-up protocol, to acceleration dynamic principles and top velocity sprint training.

Day 2: Jared will develop athletes using a functional specific strength protocol via plyometric and jump training, finishing with a challenging fitness workout that focuses on energy distribution, mental toughness and fatigue buffering.

-Camp Option B: $75/athlete or $1500/team

“Extended Stay”

This offers an opportunity to train with coach Jared once per week, for 4 weeks.

This version allows the program to develop in a linear dynamic pattern: beginning with introduction to specific athletic movements through to demanding and beneficial modalities as the camp progresses. Individual Training

Coach Jared will design, implement and deploy his vast knowledge to a variety of different sport disciplines, with a specific emphasis on Speed, Agility, Biomechanics, Strength, Power and Sports Psychology Mentoring.

*One-on-One/Team Training must be set up at least 1 week in advance to allow Jared to properly design and implement his athletic development strategy.



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